Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Wedding Cake & Invitations!

Today, we have accomplished a lot! First, we went to our cake tasting and finalized our wedding cake favors and design.

Then we headed to our new favorite chill out place - English Springs Park. We got some cheese, sandwiches, and snacks and stayed for the whole afternoon!

We also ordered our wedding invitations online!
At first, we thought of cutting our expenses by printing our own wedding invitations, but since we don't have that many guests, we thought it'd be better off just to order online. We managed to get a good deal on our invitations. Which came out just a little bit more than what we would pay if we were to print them ourselves. That also saves us a few trips to Staples! :)

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Our Wedding Bands Pt 1 My wedding band

We spent roughly around 2 months searching for my perfect wedding band! What can I say, we picked the first store we went to, and of course, picked the first one I tried on! Needless to say, I still thank my fiance taking me to ALL jewelry stores within 25 miles radius. Sounds like a lot of spot to hit, but it was worth it at the end. We both loved the ring I got, we also got a really good deal on it too! One thing I noticed is that buying anything from the store is almost 99% more expensive than their official website price, the remaining 1% is that they are selling it for the same price both online and in store. So please, even if you think you found the ONE, always give yourselves a few more mins to think through.

Ask yourself a few questions...

Do you love it?
How much do you love it?
Is it within your budget?
Does it look good with your engagement ring?
Can you wear it alone without your engagement ring? and still look good
What's its warranty? with stones and/or without stones
What's its upkeep?
Is it reasonably priced?

after all that, still don't forget to check online before sealing the deal. I got about $250 less than if I were to buy it in store.

Especially for anyone who has to "resize" or "special order" their rings simply due to the stores not carrying their sizes. One GREAT tip that's going to save you a ton is that to buy the warranty. Let the warranty take care of the sizing instead of paying the initial fee to have it in your size. Of course, that is if you have the time to spare. But if you're already having it special order, it take about the same amount of time having it resize under the warranty program anyway.

Here is a sneak peek of my band (picture taken while try-on in store :) Just sent mine in to resize and will post a better picture once I get it back. Can't wait!

Happy ring shopping! <3 

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

We are engaged! ♥ May 14, 2015

I know I have been MIA for a long time. and it is because... <3

This post was written the night he asked me to marry him. :)

May 14, 2015
Earlier the day I was just complaining to my bff how Andy and I haven’t seen each other in a whole week! and how disappointed and upset I was because he's too busy working and didn't make time for us.

Yes, I have been off for about 3 days by now, and he didn’t come see me even after I told him I got sick after I came back from work. AND the day before he went out to “shop” WITHOUT me! I was even more annoyed. (yup, yall feel me?! Haha)

Throughout the night he was asking what time im going to be home, and kept reminding me how late it is already and that it is not safe to be out late (he does this all the time so I didn’t think twice) BUT I just didn’t feel like texting him back. (yes girls, that’s how you show your bf that you’re not happy and no it doesn’t work because your guy is most likely assuming that you really are just busy.. lol)

After a long day out I came home around midnight, finally texted him back to tell him im home. Right before hopping in the shower, he called but I was already getting ready to shower so I thought I’d just call him back when im done, and THEN! my bff messaged me on fb .. (Thursday 12:22am) “He’s gonna propose!” I thought her bf proposed to her and I even congratulated her! HAHA! Then she was like “no, your bf is going to propose, check his fb.” I honestly thought she was BSing.. and I told her “wtf” and hopped in the shower and came out with two missed calls from him?!?! I called back and he said open the door he's outside of my house. WHAT?! I went downstairs in my pjs with a towel on my head looking as much as a hot mess humanly possible. Then I saw... ♥

(with “Marry Me” – Jason Derulo playing in the background) without doubt, I said YES!

I later found out that the reason why he hasn’t been able to come see me is because he’s been planning this for months and was on the final stage of the planning. Before this proposal, he had already planned two other ones which failed of course, just kidding; they just didn’t work out the way he planned. Did I mention he made the light-up poster himself?! So cute!!! He said it took him days to finish. :P

&& I asked him why May 14?! He said he meant to pop the question on May 13 11:59 so that we will be engaged by May 14. But then I came home late lol. Then I asked what’s so special about midnight, he said so then we will be spending 1314 together. (1314 in Chinese sounds similar to “lifetime”, cheesy I know... but I love it!)

Woohoo!  I’m just beyond excited to tell the world that we are engaged! I am going to marry my dream man, my best friend and my soul mate! :P

Saturday, December 6, 2014

midorisourpatch update Dec 2014

Hello world!

It's been too long since my last update and I feel like I have started my blog with this phrase for the past 5 or 6 posts. Life's been way different since I moved back to LA from east coast. Not necessary more busy but lazy.

I love my job. But it either gives me no time or too much time. I'm still trying to figure out how to manage my time better by doing nothing. Ha!

There's no progress in my life for the past few months. Ever since my boyfriend started his two jobs working 6 to 7 days a week. I feel like a huge part of my life is missing because of that. And of course all of my friends are just as busy so I can't really seek company from them. At least not as often as I'd like. So now, I'm by myself. With nothing to do most of the time.

My life fell apart because I was so depended on others. I don't have friends to hang out every week anymore because they met new friends and their significant others. My parents are busy with work of course. And to take this to the next level, my boyfriend is busier than ever. Everyday and every day, I'm home with nobody to talk to. I'm so stressed by doing nothing at all. I know this sounds crazy and indeed is crazy.

Anyway all I'm saying is that I'd like to find my purpose in life again before I lose myself.

Until then, laters!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

REVIEW: Influenster Vox Gillette Venus

Hello world! Look at what I got from Influenster Vox Box! A cute little Gillette Venus Razor. I have seen them all around Target and drugstores. I use the regular Gillette Venus from time to time and it's great to try out this baby version of it!

It's basically your regular razor on a shorter handle. Come in a plastic case so it's super travel friendly. Perfect for gym bags or carry on!

& good news! I finally have a set working schedule next month! Will be traveling to Shanghai all month in June. It's been forever and I'm extremely happy about it. Thank God for saving me from schedulers. I don't like to talk too much about my work online, but let's just said I've had way more than enough from May. On the positive note, it's going to be a whole lot better in June! :)

Ciao! <3